Would you like to take over this platform, and build on it?

The SDG14.net platform was launched over a year ago to help promote awareness and understanding about the “Ocean Goal” and about the United Nations Oceans Conference of June 2017.

The issue of ocean sustainability has only grown more urgent since then, and SDG14 — one of the great achievements of the 2030 Agenda was include a goal on the oceans and — continues to gain more visibility and priority.

Initially, SDG14 was set up at the request of one of the AtKisson Group’s long-term clients. An international team of four interns, two research assistants, and a professional editor got it running and helped build a readership that still attracts (for example) dozens of retweets for some of our postings on Twitter.

The website stopped being maintained when the initial project funding and team both ended, but the social media has been maintained by AtKisson Group ever since.

Now, we want to see if there is someone out there — an NGO or institute, a professional services firm, an established oceans expert, a team of dedicated students, or some other group — who would like the opportunity to take over the platform, and build it into something bigger.

Interested? Please write to us. Let’s start a conversation.

— The AtKisson Group (original sponsors of SDG14.net)