This is what ocean-sustainability awareness looked like in 2017

The platform was active in 2017 and was a widely-cited resource in its time. Its purpose was to help promote awareness and understanding about the UN “Ocean Goal” — SDG 14 — and about the breakthrough United Nations Oceans Conference, which was held in June 2017. The conference was considered the first “ocean summit”, and finally began to shine light on Earth’s oceans and seas in the same manner as climate conferences, which highlight the problems of global atmospheric management.

The issue of ocean sustainability has only grown more urgent since then. Even though this site is archived, it is a safe bet to say that when you read this, it will be more critical than ever for humanity to be taking better care of our planet’s oceans.

You can still use this site to get familiar with Goal 14 and with the range of issues covered in its Targets. (A basic intro to SDG 14 is here.) The case studies and stories will give you a sense of what issues were being highlighted by ocean actors in mid-2017.

Background on the site

Initially, was set up at the request of one the long-term clients of the AtKisson Group, an international consultancy run by Alan AtKisson from 1992-2018 (the group has since been renamed the Sustainability Accelerator Network). An international team of four interns, two research assistants, and a professional editor got the site running and helped build a readership that attracted thousands of site visits and dozens of retweets per posting.

The website stopped being maintained when the initial project funding and the team both came to an end. The social media feeds (especially Twitter) were maintained by AtKisson Group for some months after that.

We looked for another owner to take over the site, but when none appeared, we decided to archive it as a time capsule.

Want more info? Please write to us. (It may take a while for us to write back.)

— The AtKisson Group archive team